SightMap® Query String API

The application can receive configuration via the URL's query string. Listed below are the parameters the application will accept.

ParameterDescriptionDefault ValueExample Value
unit_numberThe prospect-facing identifier for the selected unit.none1-101 or 303
unit_idThe Unit Map ID for the selected unit.none123446
display_detailsWhether or not to display the Unit Details modal.

The value is expected to be either 0 or 1.

Note: This value is only considered if unit_id
or unit_number is provided.
00 or 1
move_in_dateSets the move in date value for the user.

The value is expected to be any valid date string
format recognized in browsers.
We recommend using the ISO 8601 format.
none2017-06-20 or 06/20/2017
lease_termSets the lease term value for the user.

The value is expected to be a positive, non-zero integer.
none9 or 15
floor_idThe Unit Map ID for the selected floor.none12346
instanceThe instance key for a specific SightMap.

This a custom value set during implementation. It enables developers to choose which SightMap instance displays on embed loads. This is only applicable if an embed contains multiple SightMap applications and an instance key is set by an Engrain management user.