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Integration FAQ

Why is my SightMap showing up so small?

Your container might not be utilizing the full available viewport (viewable area). We would recommend ensuring both the HTML document and the page body are set to 100% width and 100% height.

Container when 100% width and 100% height is not utilized in the HTML and body

Container after 100% width and height is added

Fancybox Plugin: On mobile, the popup iframe doesn't stay in place. How do I fix that?

When using Fancy Box, adding a style to the HTML tag ensures the popup doesn't scroll. Consider the following configurations:

<a class="button sightmap" data-fancybox-type="iframe" href=“">View Interactive Map</a>

      fitToView : false,
      width   : '90%',
      height    : '90%',
      autoSize  : false,
      closeClick  : false,
      openEffect  : 'none',
      closeEffect : 'none',
      wrapCSS : 'sightmap'

Updated 3 years ago

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Integration FAQ

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